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Seed Harvest Spoon

The Seed Harvest Spoon program provides high-quality, integrated, environmental education lessons to children from Kinder to Year 6.  Working with students to establish an organic school garden and use this as a catalyst for learning.  Students develop skills and knowledge in:

  • Enivronmental sustainability and the natural world
  • Growing food and developing food security
  • Healthy cooking and nutrition literacy

Extension and special interest projects

The program makes clear and specific links to curriculum objectives and outcomes, delivering structured learning outcomes for the students as well as impacting health, wellbeing and life-skill development.  The program has been designed to encompass literacy, science, numeracy, creativity, health and connections to nature.  

All lessons are hands on and led by education and community development professionals.  The educators are dedicated to creating fun, engaging learning spaces for children and mentoring opportunities for their teachers.