Riverwood Public School

Caring and Sharing

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Riverwood Public School is a small school that provides quality education programs for 150 students from Preschool to Year Six. The school has a strong focus on enhancing learning and wellbeing outcomes for our students. The school values and celebrates a diverse student population with 98% of students from a language background other than English. The school currently has a range of multi–stage classes K–6 and two preschool groups.

Riverwood Public School is a place of belonging and has a strong and positive culture underpinned by four shared values: trusting relationships, high expectations, growth and being student focussed.

A positive and supportive school environment ensures a strong sense of belonging for students, staff and the community. Our students have beautiful school grounds to play in following a large playground improvement program. The school uses a range of technology to support and enhance learning opportunities for students. There is a range of extra-curricular activities for students to be part of, including an after school program and a large community fruit and vegetable garden.

We respond to the needs of our students and encourage them to be active, engaged, participants in their learning.

We recognise that teachers have the greatest in-school impact on our students' learning and wellbeing outcomes and provide exceptional support to staff to ensure highly effective teaching practice occurs across the school. The school is committed to Explicit Direct Instruction as an instructional model and our literacy practices are aligned with the research from the Science of Reading. We have a strong learning culture and use instructional coaching to support teachers, as part of our collaborative approach towards professional growth.

We prioritise relationships at all levels within and beyond the school community. We have an active Parents and Citizens Committee and supportive parent community, and the school actively participates in community events and partners with a range of community organisations.

We believe education is the biggest key to empowering communities and individuals and every student has the right to an education that promotes excellence and equity. Our school community has a shared understanding of the importance of quality education to future success. Our students are happy and want to come to school every day. Riverwood Public School is inspiring, nurturing, safe and truly a place for everyone.